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Our next online workshop will open on 16th January and close on 18th January.

You can read more below:

In March last year, AHPs nationally began a huge journey armed with a mandate for change. Thousands expressed their interest and over 2,000 people stepped up to share ideas, insight, evidence and case studies. With this huge effort, together we have co-produced:

AHPs into Action: Using AHPs to transform health, care and wellbeing.

‘AHPs into Action’ will be launched at an event in London on Tuesday 17th January. It is a product to inform and inspire leaders and decision makers across the system by offering:

  • a clear view regarding the transformative potential of AHPs,
  • fifty three examples of innovative AHP practice, and
  • a framework to help develop local delivery plans.

If you joined this journey or expressed your interest, you can join the launch us digitally…

On Monday 16th January, I will:

  • ensure you have exclusive early sight of ‘AHPs into Action’ - 24 hours before the rest of the world;
  • invite you to share your early feedback and incorporate this into the launch event discussions – you’ll be able to do this via this website;
  • invite you to join the event online, live, - you can do this via the Twitter discussion with #AHPsintoAction or via our Periscope broadcast (if you are interested in doing so then you can read more here).